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1Pondo 021117_481 1pondotv Ema Kato

Release Date: Aug 16, 2017


I am asking Kato Eee-chan whose cute idol face is cute, approaching its charm with nakedness and nakedness in the one-way road series "Hayaka's resume"! Even though I've heard various questions including horny questions, their hands and mouths are absolute Ehime who does not release from the drink and keeps the interview while being fiddled with the pussy and makes the giant correspondence that makes the public open to the public widely widely. The expression which is stubbornly pierced by the actual number of the latter half and is likely to distort the face is also cute! Plenty of charm of Kato Ei-chan

アイドル顔がキュートな加藤えまちゃんを、一本道シリーズ「はだかの履歴書」で身も心も裸にしてその魅力に迫る! エッチな質問も含めて色々聞いているけど、その手と口は絶対にちんぽから離さず、またマンコを弄られながらのインタビューも自分で大きくビラビラを開いて大公開してくれちゃう神対応が目立つえまちゃん。後半の本番で激しく突かれて顔をゆがめてよがる表情も可愛い! 加藤えまちゃんの魅力がたっぷり

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